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Watersports Marina

The specially designed watersports platform turns the ship into your headquarters for all kinds of adventures on the water. It’s as easy as descending to sea level and hopping aboard a windsurfer or paddleboard or launching a kayak. Watersports equipment is also available when you call upon Paul Gauguin Cruises' private beaches. Plus, if you plan on snorkeling in multiple ports, you’re welcome to check out snorkeling gear from the marina for the duration of your cruise.

The watersports marina is available in select ports and subject to weather conditions and local restrictions. Swimming from the watersports marina is prohibited.?

SCUBA Diving Excursions

If you've always wanted to try SCUBA diving, your cruise on The Gauguin is the perfect opportunity. The onboard marina offers diving excursions for all experience levels, and they are the only luxury ship in French Polynesia to offer PADI certification classes for novice divers.

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